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Oct 2018

Events in October 2018

National Waterbug Blitz Warrnambool

Thursday 4th
11:00am - 3:00pm


Have you ever wondered what critters reside in our wetlands, ponds and creeks and what their presence can tell us about water quality?

Join John Gooderham and Glenelg Hopkins and Corangamite CMA staff to learn about

  • Sampling and identifying waterbugs
  • Waterbugs as indicators of waterway health
  • The National Waterbug Blitz

There will also be a shortened alternative session 4pm-5:30pm

Contact: Debbie Dalziel | Phone: 0422 806 111

Waterbugs School Holiday Activity Brown Hill Ballarat

Friday 5th
10:00am - 12:00pm

Waterbugs School Holiday Activity

Have you ever wondered what critters reside in Yarrowee Creek and what their presence can tell us about water quality?

Join Corangamite Waterwatch to learn about

  • Sampling and identifying waterbugs
  • Waterbugs as indicators of waterway health
  • The National Waterbug Blitz

Contact: Deirdre Murphy | Phone: 0418145818

Assessing Our Local Estuaries information sessions Torquay

Saturday 6th
11:00am - 1:00pm

An assessment of the condition of estuaries is underway in our region. The Victorian Index of Estuary Condition (IEC) aims to assess and report on the condition of estuaries across Victoria, assisting in their management and provide a baseline for assessing long-term changes in estuary condition.

Over the warmer months of November’18 to March’19, EstuaryWatch volunteer monitors will be invited to participate in this research measuring water quality parameters.

This information session will include a presentation by Dr Fiona Warry on the Index of Stream Condition and will be followed with information on how our local estuaries will be assessed in the coming months with the assistance of participants from the Corangamite EstuaryWatch program.

Contact: Deirdre Murphy | Phone: 0418145818

National Waterbug Blitz Daylesford

Wednesday 17th
10:00am - 2:30pm

The National Waterbug Blitz starts this spring in 2018 and anyone can participate!

The first ever National Waterbug Blitz will have scientists and citizen scientists working together to look at river health on a local and national scale.

Join with Corangamite and North Central Waterwatch and freshwater ecologist John Gooderham to learn all about these freshwater creatures! Already know a bit about waterbugs? Come along and refresh your macroinvertebrate identification skills, and possibly see some new taxa

Contact: Cass Davis | Phone: 03 5448 7124

National Waterbug Blitz at Mullum Mullum Creek Donvale

Friday 26th
10:00am - 3:00pm

To celebrate National Water Week and under the theme of ‘Water for me, Water for all’, join Melbourne Water and Manningham City Council Waterwatch to uncover the little macroinvertebrate animals (or ‘waterbugs’) of Mullum Mullum Creek.

No experience required, training will be provided using techniques from the Melbourne Water Waterbug Census program. Please note this training is best suited to young adult and adult participants - it does involve identifying waterbugs in some detail.

Please view our YouTube video 'Waterbug Census citizen scientists' to see what is involved.

Data collected will also contribute to the National Waterbug Blitz! This is Australia’s first nationwide, citizen science, waterway monitoring event. Over the month of October Australians are encouraged to discover how healthy their local waterways and wetlands are, simply by exploring and identifying what waterbugs live in them. All data will contribute to national biodiversity records and contribute to a snapshot of waterway health around Australia.

Contact: Yvonne Cabuang | Phone: 131722