Estuary name Tidal River
CMA West Gippsland CMA

The Tidal River Estuary is approximately 2.5km in length and is located at the base of the tidal river catchment which is approximately 27km2. There are a number of roads, a bridge, boardwalk and several fishing platforms that provide access to the estuary.

The Tidal River Estuary has a diverse array of intact habitat for terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, within and surrounding the estuary, including; muddy and sandy substrate, the water column, rocks and the vegetation communities surrounding these areas.

Estuary Values

The vegetation communities are broken up into Ecological Vegetation Classes (EVC’s) based on the species composition of each community. Species composition is heavily influenced by frequency in which they are inundated, and the type of water in which they are inundated by (i.e. salty, fresh or brackish).

Some EVCs include:

  • Coast Banksia Woodland (Rare in bioregion)
  • Estuarine Wetland (Rare in Bioregion)
  • Riparian Scrub (least concern in bioregion)
  • Coastal Tussocks Grassland (Rare in bioregion)
  • Coastal Saltmarsh (least concern in bioregion).

Fish Species

  • Congolli
  • Flatheaded Gudgeon
  • Common Galaxias
  • Spotted Galaxias
  • Climbing Galaxias
  • Yellow-eyed Mullet
  • Estuary Perch
  • Black Bream
  • Silver Trevally
  • Luderick
  • Western Carp Gudgeon
  • Greenback Flounder
  • Pouched Lamprey
  • Australian Herring
  • Southern Shortfinned Eel
  • Long Finned Eel

Significant Bird Species

  • Pacific Gull (Near Threatened in Vic)
  • White-bellied Sea Eagle (Vulnerable in Vic, FFG Listed)
  • Sooty Oystercatcher (Near Threatened in Vic)
  • Pied Cormorant (Near Threatened in Vic)
  • Intermediate Egret (Endangered in Vic, FFG Listed)
  • Lewins Rail (Vulnerable in Vic, FFG Listed).
Estuary Threats


  • Introduced fauna (deer, fish (brown trout, rainbow trout and Goldfish), rabbits, foxes)
  • Stormwater runoff
  • Water extraction
Data Site observations
Status Active
Monitor group Parks Victoria Tidal River Education Team



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TR1 Tidal River Footbridge

Active Physico-Chemical 26-10-2017 - 22-06-2018

This site is located on the Tidal River Footbridge, between the 13th and 14th upright post on the upstream side of the bridge (look for the broken bridge board).

Observations 5

TR2 Fishing Platform 4 (Upstream)

Active Physico-Chemical 05-11-2017 - 22-06-2018

Fishing Platform 4 (Most upstream platform on the Loo Errn Boardwalk). 

Observations 4

TRMC Tidal River Mouth Condition Monitoring Site

Active Mouth Condition 26-10-2017 - 22-06-2018

Tidal River Estuary Mouth Condition Monitoring is carried out at the estuary mouth at the base of second ramp.

Observations 5

Trp1 Tidal River Photopoint Monitoring Site

Active Photopoint 08-11-2017 - 02-07-2018

This site is located at the end of second ramp at Norman Beach. The photopoint photos (x4) are to be captured whilst standing beside the last upright fence post found at the beach end / river side of the second ramp track.

Photos 17

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