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18-06-2018 Estuary Entrance Opening

Permitted artificial estuary opening.

Rose Herben
15-06-2018 Estuary Entrance Opening

This morning GORCC attempted a permitted “shallow” artificial opening and despite a steady flow the incoming tide has built up sand back over the cut in the berm. The berm has now been fully restored and the estuary is filling up with ocean waves washing over the berm.


Rose Herben
23-06-2017 Estuary Entrance Opening

Artificial estuary opening performed by tractor.  Water Level was recorded as 1.89m AHD on 22.06.2017.

Michael Gibbons
20-05-2016 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
Spring Creek estuary was closed. Water level was 1.92m AHD. Photos taken of inundation. Rose Herben
12-05-2016 Estuary Entrance Opening

Estuary closed on 11/05/2016 naturally opened on 12/15/2016

07-01-2016 Community Event
The Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club nippers making full use of the wide area of sand created by the estuary mouth closure. Kate Wynn
05-06-2015 Estuary Entrance Opening
Estuary artificially opened under permit conditions. Water level 2.0m AHD Kate Wynn
10-05-2015 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
Community member reported sea water overtopping the berm. High tide was at 16:23 and was 1.7m high. Rose Herben
29-04-2013 Estuary Entrance Opening
Natural estuary entrance opening due to tidal influence. Tide was very high (1.8m) which resulted in a significant inflow of seawater into the estuary mouth. Al Moar
01-09-2009 Estuary Entrance Opening
The estuary mouth may have or may not have opened naturally. People where sighted at the mouth with shovels during the night, so one may suspect that it could have been artifically opened. EW Coordinator
31-08-2009 Weather Event
The Spring Creek Estuary water levels where quite high prior to the opening which occurred on the following day (1st of September 2009). In fact the water level gauge board read 1.95metres (AHD), whilst after the estuary had opened it read 1.14metres (AHD) at the same time the following day. EW Coordinator
18-08-2009 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
On Tuesday the 18th of August at 8:22am a sewer spill was reported to be entering Spring Creek near site 3 (located adjacent to the Great Ocean Road bridge). This spill was contained by 10:50am on the same day. EW Coordinator
15-12-2008 Estuary Entrance Opening
Natural estuary mouth opening as a result of prior heavy rainfalls. Matthew Khoury
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