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20-03-2018 Community Event

Migratory Bird Haven

Migratory Bird Haven is a Participatory Estuarine Laboratory developed for the Deakin Sculpture in Schools program of Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2018.  Forest Keegel worked with Lorne College Year 10 Biology students and EstuaryWatch to monitor the estuary and explore the habitat requirements of the critically endangered Hooded Plover and East Asian Flyway migratory shorebirds.

The students collaboratively developed a creative response to implore visitors to St George Estuary to protect migratory and resident shorebirds.

1. A human scale seaweed nest was created. Due to the nature of working in a space that is inundated with water twice a day the original nest washed away but was recreated just out of the tides reach and visitors are invited to add seaweed to the nest

2. Sandbags printed with Hooded plover eggs and the East Asian flyway were placed just out of the tidal zone

3. Messages were written in the sand derived from Birdlife Australia information about shorebirds "Dogs on Leashes Birds on Beaches" as well as welcoming message in the vernacular of motel advertising- 'Warm cosy nest sites' 'Lots of fish to eat'

Members of the public were invited to  join the artist to monitor estuary health and discover what humans can do to improve Shorebirds chances of survival, like walking on the high tide line to avoid accidentally stepping on a Hooded Plover’s egg.

Rose Herben
15-03-2018 Estuary Entrance Closure

St George River estuary closed.

Rose Herben
16-09-2016 Weather Event

Heavy rain caused big flush out. Vertical bank cut through sand on southern side of estuary. Swift flow in quite deep bed cut through sand.

Jenny Cerins
14-04-2016 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
Water colour grey. Sulphur odour. Water tested at the GOR bridge. Dissolved oxygen 0.1mg/L and 3.0% saturation. Iridescent sheen on the edge of the water. Rose Herben
04-01-2016 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
River flow has been very slight for the last three months generally. There has progressively been very little exchange of water. Today the slight flow seemed not to reach the sea but oozed into the sand. Jenny Cerins
04-01-2016 Estuary Entrance Closure

St George River estuary closed.  Allen Reservoir reached record lows this summer and the flow into the St George River would have been minimal for several months.

Rose Herben
21-02-2014 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
Photo taken from lower lookout showing using zoom to show extent of sandbar upstream of GOR bridge. The extent of sand has been building for 6 months or more. Jenny Cerins
29-11-2012 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
Pink algael bloom present alomg this section of coast for several days.
Photograph taken looking east from Teddy's lookout. Jenny Cerins
13-06-2012 Weather Event
Heavy rain upstream has brought sand and debris build up around depth guage. Jenny Cerins
09-03-2012 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
Large, deep deposits of seaweed on the beach after a week of easterly weather pattern.
2 photos attached. Jenny Cerins
10-07-2011 Weather Event
Eddge of estuary eroded by high tides andhuge seas. Seaweed deposited on Great Ocean Road by high tide. Tide surging upstream past bridge on Great Ocean Road. Jenny Cerins
03-02-2011 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
Notice erected by Barwon Water effectively closing the beach. Enquiry to Barwon water revealed there had been a minor sewerage spill at a sewerage pit at the top of Lorne. The sign was removed within 2 days by Barwon water as they said they had been monitoring water quality and deemed the beach safe. They advised that they do not as a matterof course advise CCMA but do advise the EPA who decide whether to take action.
Photo of sign attached Jenny Cerins
15-01-2011 Weather Event
Course of river through sand altered by high flow of river after heavy rains. Water course deeper and sand washed out, rocks exposed. Jenny Cerins
14-04-2008 Unusual/Extraordinary occurrence!
Whales sighted in the bay. Mother with calf. EW Coordinator
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