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#13650 21 Mar 2020 Pending Notes:

1.   The weather was so calm that we couldn't define which direction the wind was coming from!

2.   As mentioned in previous data portal entries, though I enter the correct date and time of each photo, after saving the file and then viewing, every single time the dates have reverted to the date/time the files were uploaded to the portal.

Therefore the data sheets date/time need to be referred instead.

#13594 21 Feb 2020 Approved Notes:

Water gauge at bridge needs cleaning - measurement was approximated in this visit.

Tourists once again questioned us about the sign indicating the river water was not suitable for swimming.


#13546 19 Jan 2020 Approved
#13479 20 Dec 2019 Approved
#13438 26 Nov 2019 Approved
#13379 20 Oct 2019 Pending
#13345 24 Sep 2019 Approved Notes:

Water gauge had been cleaned

#13283 21 Aug 2019 Approved Notes:

Water level meter was so dirty we were unable to take any measurements.   We have reported on this several times, and requested that we be given a contact name/tel no. of the person responsible at GORCC to this is carried out on a regular.   I shall give the contact to Uric Orr who has offered to monitor the situation for us to ensure the meaurements are clear prior to each visit.

#13215 20 Jul 2019 Approved
#13161 19 Jun 2019 Approved
#13111 22 May 2019 Approved
#12903 27 Apr 2019 Approved
#12798 20 Mar 2019 Approved Notes:

1.  Gauge under bridge needs cleaning, hard to read measurements.

2.  River nearly perched as seaweed was piled up at the narrow mouth.

Saw shoals of fish 10-15cm under bridge, unfortunately unable to identify them.

#12734 20 Feb 2019 Approved
#12678 23 Jan 2019 Approved
#12613 19 Dec 2018 Approved Notes:

Error found in Data Sheet after it was scanned.   Low tide shown as 2.06 (am) should have been 2.06 pm (24 hr clock not used on Internet Lorne Tide Times).

I incorrectly added the site number Ep4-4 into the Data Sheet Photopoint field and could not delete it.

#12551 22 Nov 2018 Approved Notes:

Once again the date and time of the photo points wasn't saved after data entry.  On review these had reverted to date and time of when photos/form were downloaded to USB.   This has happened for several months now.   Don't know what the ramifications for data analysis will be.

#12474 24 Oct 2018 Approved Notes:

Deidre - Please note that there is still a problem with the software as although I carefully enter the date/time each photo was taken and then save, when I go into view, the dates all revert to the day/time I entered the data!


However in Edit mode the date/time is correct!

#12407 20 Sep 2018 Approved Notes:

Deidre.   I don't know why I have never noticed this before but I see that though I change the date on all the photos to the day/time when photo is taken it seems to revert to the date/time when photos were uploaded into the portal in the view window.  This also applies to the data sheet uploaded.   Tho on the portal the date is correct.  Then when I go into Edit to change things the dates look correct.


Is their an explanation for this?

#12379 23 Aug 2018 Pending
#12245 26 Jun 2018 Approved Notes:

The water gauge under the bridge is still dirty (as it was last month).  We could only estimate water height.

Saw some water birds for the first time for months. 1 cormorant and 2 herons.

#12085 23 May 2018 Approved
#12022 27 Apr 2018 Approved Notes:

One heron resting in reeds - first time we have seen any wild life for some months.

Omission on Data Sheet.  Just noticed when I reviewed this scan that I had omitted to enter the number of photos taken at each sight.   Apologies.   However the number taken is as usual.

Problem!  First time I tried to upload data sheet .pdf file it was unsuccessful. So I tried a second time.   However I now find there are 2 copies and I don't know how to delete one!

#11931 22 Mar 2018 Approved Notes:

Please note there were very high winds and stormy conditions and yet the Beaufort scale table on the data sheet's B.No 1, only went up to 5 (Fresh Breeze) so when I came to enter the data into Estuary Watch and I noticed the Beaufort Scale allowed for more severe conditions I up graded the scale.   So please be aware that scanned sheet will not truly reflect either B Scale or Sea State readings.

Can I suggest that when the Data Sheet is updated next time both Table 1 and 2 be adjusted?   At the same time  Photopoint Site table needs to include at least another line as there are more than 2 sites on the Erskine River.

Allow please note that I am still unsure whether I am entering the correct times for the High and Low Tides - perhaps we could talk about that when we next catch up?

#11847 23 Feb 2018 Approved
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