Merri River Estuary


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#13724 20 Jun 2020 Pending Notes:

Tom Sheehan co-monitor.

Hooded Plovers, Swans.

Signs of sea inundation.

Estuary opened recently artificialy.

#13639 14 Mar 2020 Pending Notes:

Beach closed for hooded plover protection, no berm measurements taken.


pacific gull (juv)


#13566 8 Feb 2020 Pending Notes:

Tom Sheahan part of monitoring group.

No Berm measurements due to nesting birds exclusion zone.

Birds observed: Hooded plovers


#13503 11 Jan 2020 Pending Notes:

Unable to access area to measure berm due to extent of river and berm bare being fenced off to protect bird nesting areas.

#13452 14 Dec 2019 Pending Notes:

Tom Sheehan part of this monitoring session.

Note: AHD readings taken at breakwater.

Note 2: Photo of "notice of closure" of track to photo point.

#13406 9 Nov 2019 Pending Notes:

Tom Sheehan part of monitoring group.

Birds observed:65 chestnut teal, swan, silver gulls and hooded plovers (10-15)

#13399 12 Oct 2019 Pending Notes:

Tom Sheehan part of monitoring group.

Birds observed: Great Cormorant, silver gulls and pied oyster catcher.

#13320 14 Sep 2019 Pending Notes:

Tom Sheehan part of monitoring group.

High tide sea water flows into river estuary.

Natural opening during August-bank erosion.

River level cut off from photo point.

Good swell.

#13248 10 Aug 2019 Pending Notes:

Tom Sheehan, Eleanor Cowell and James Cowell part of monitoring team.

Birds observed. Hooded Plovers several, Pacific Gulls 2 adults 1 juvenile, Unidentified shorebirds in largish flock, Red Capped Plovers, Red Kneed Dotterels.

#13224 6 Jul 2019 Pending Notes:

Tom Sheehan part of monitoring group.

#13119 8 Jun 2019 Approved
#13070 18 May 2019 Approved
#12887 13 Apr 2019 Approved
#12730 2 Mar 2019 Approved Notes:

Wind picked up during observation recording.

#12692 9 Feb 2019 Approved
#12641 12 Jan 2019 Approved
#12582 8 Dec 2018 Approved
#12518 10 Nov 2018 Approved
#12444 13 Oct 2018 Approved Notes:

River way back behind dune like it is during summer.

#12384 8 Sep 2018 Approved Notes:

Sea state slight to moderate

#12354 18 Aug 2018 Approved Notes:

Accompanied by students from SWTAFE studying the Diploma of Conservation and Land Management.

At high tide sea water was entering estuary.

#12262 14 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

Sea coming in on high tides.

Hooded Plovers at river edge.

#12135 9 Jun 2018 Approved
#12131 12 May 2018 Approved Notes:

Evidence of sea inflow (water marks on sand and seaweed)

#12127 21 Apr 2018 Approved Notes:

No discernible wind direction. Signs of seawater ingress (foam on river). See photo attached.

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