Balcombe Creek Estuary


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#13635 16 Feb 2020 Pending Notes:

No multi-meter available only able to submit a Mouth Condition data sheet. The meter is being serviced in Queensland and not sure when available again.

Sediment samples taken for RMIT University. Researchers there are studying the distribution of pesticide residues in Australian waterways. 

Included an image of the mouth taken by George Murley earlier this month.  

#13634 19 Jan 2020 Pending Notes:


No need for a Dune 320 image this month. 

#13630 15 Dec 2019 Pending
#13623 17 Nov 2019 Pending Notes:

Opened 14 Nov?

Tidal influence - outflow of estuary water

#13619 29 Sep 2019 Pending Notes:

Perched - estuary water level higher than bay

#13292 28 Jul 2019 Pending
#13288 23 Jun 2019 Pending
#13282 26 May 2019 Approved Notes:

Wind direction - WNW

#12898 28 Apr 2019 Approved Notes:

Widest berm for some time

#12792 24 Mar 2019 Approved Notes:

Lot of algal growth in mouth of estuary. 

#13278 24 Feb 2019 Approved Notes:

Soapy scum on edges

Most substantial berm seen in recent times

Note: We will no longer be posting a Dune 280 image as this angle never shows any part of the estuary mouth. If ever in the future a Dune 280 angle image looks like being useful we will, of course, include it. 

#12676 27 Jan 2019 Approved
#12418 23 Sep 2018 Approved Notes:

No berm, breakthrough occurred overnight 22 September 18.

#12395 26 Aug 2018 Approved Notes:

Image from drone attached

#12391 22 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

Mouth closed on July 15 after several days of N to NW winds up to 45 kmh. Winds lasted 4-5 days and built the berm to a height that caused estuarine flooding not seen this year.

#12225 27 Jun 2018 Approved
#12168 27 May 2018 Approved Notes:

Mouth broke through Thursday 24/05/2018

#12170 22 Apr 2018 Approved Notes:

Strong westerlies during the month have built sand levels to unusually wide levels. At nearly 40 m from estuary water edge to bay water edge the width of the berm exceeds most other measurements in recent times. In the middle of the month a strong westerly/high tide occurrence saw sea water wash over the berm. Combined with one day of significant rainfall this caused estuary water levels to rise and cause flooding.

#12175 24 Mar 2018 Approved Notes:

No bridge photographs - likely de to weather, it was raining and the images were blurry - Bruce Ferres.

#12179 25 Feb 2018 Approved Notes:

Large berm (~24 m) 

Expect that previous high tide (09:40) and lack of strong winds managed to breach the berm.

Probe meter cut out. Could not start until probe moved? Perhaps a short circuit at probe?

Creek not flowing. Lack of stratification caused by very strong winds forcing sea to flow up the creek. Explains the "increase" in DO at Augusta Street.


#12398 18 Feb 2018 Approved
#11953 28 Jan 2018 Approved
#11656 26 Nov 2017 Approved
#11558 22 Oct 2017 Approved
#12397 22 Oct 2017 Approved Notes:

Depth of estuary measured at jetty site.

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