Balcombe Creek Estuary


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#13292 28 Jul 2019 Pending
#13288 23 Jun 2019 Pending
#13282 26 May 2019 Approved Notes:

Wind direction - WNW

#12898 28 Apr 2019 Approved Notes:

Widest berm for some time

#12792 24 Mar 2019 Approved Notes:

Lot of algal growth in mouth of estuary. 

#13278 24 Feb 2019 Approved Notes:

Soapy scum on edges

Most substantial berm seen in recent times

Note: We will no longer be posting a Dune 280 image as this angle never shows any part of the estuary mouth. If ever in the future a Dune 280 angle image looks like being useful we will, of course, include it. 

#12676 27 Jan 2019 Approved
#12418 23 Sep 2018 Approved Notes:

No berm, breakthrough occurred overnight 22 September 18.

#12395 26 Aug 2018 Approved Notes:

Image from drone attached

#12391 22 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

Mouth closed on July 15 after several days of N to NW winds up to 45 kmh. Winds lasted 4-5 days and built the berm to a height that caused estuarine flooding not seen this year.

#12225 27 Jun 2018 Approved
#12168 27 May 2018 Approved Notes:

Mouth broke through Thursday 24/05/2018

#12170 22 Apr 2018 Approved Notes:

Strong westerlies during the month have built sand levels to unusually wide levels. At nearly 40 m from estuary water edge to bay water edge the width of the berm exceeds most other measurements in recent times. In the middle of the month a strong westerly/high tide occurrence saw sea water wash over the berm. Combined with one day of significant rainfall this caused estuary water levels to rise and cause flooding.

#12175 24 Mar 2018 Approved Notes:

No bridge photographs - likely de to weather, it was raining and the images were blurry - Bruce Ferres.

#12179 25 Feb 2018 Approved Notes:

Large berm (~24 m) 

Expect that previous high tide (09:40) and lack of strong winds managed to breach the berm.

Probe meter cut out. Could not start until probe moved? Perhaps a short circuit at probe?

Creek not flowing. Lack of stratification caused by very strong winds forcing sea to flow up the creek. Explains the "increase" in DO at Augusta Street.


#12398 18 Feb 2018 Approved
#11953 28 Jan 2018 Approved
#11656 26 Nov 2017 Approved
#11558 22 Oct 2017 Approved
#12397 22 Oct 2017 Approved Notes:

Depth of estuary measured at jetty site.

#11500 24 Sep 2017 Approved
#12399 26 Mar 2017 Approved Notes:

Mouth open to North

#10661 24 Dec 2016 Approved
#12045 19 Dec 2015 Approved
#10848 1 Jul 2015 Approved
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