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#13704 3 May 2020 Pending Notes:

This monitoring was performed as part of a normal exercise walk.

#13675 19 Apr 2020 Pending Notes:

This monitoring was done during regular dog walking exercise.

#13660 5 Apr 2020 Pending Notes:

Photos attached  of roadside flooding after recent rain event.  There is a drainage grid and outlet pipe, which don't seem able to cope at these times.

#13618 15 Mar 2020 Approved
#13602 29 Feb 2020 Approved
#13598 16 Feb 2020 Approved Notes:

Water level in estuary has been falling for a few weeks, following rainfall

#13593 2 Feb 2020 Approved Notes:

Extra photo shows river running straight out from  bridge following rainfall

#13520 19 Jan 2020 Pending
#13483 5 Jan 2020 Approved Notes:

A change in the river above the footbridge, the wide beach that existed in previous months has disappeared with water covering this area. See photos attached. The river channel as it flows into the ocean has narrowed and there is not much water flowing into the sea. The channel is still undercutting the foreshore caravan park. If standing on the beach near the road bridge you can see the deposition of sand is quite high on the southern side of the river.

#13454 15 Dec 2019 Approved Notes:

Wye River has dramatically changed course veering left towards the Surf Club beach front.

#13545 30 Nov 2019 Approved
#13418 17 Nov 2019 Approved
#13393 4 Nov 2019 Approved
#13369 20 Oct 2019 Approved Notes:

Erosion increasing adjacent to Foreshore Camping Reserve. Trees and shrubs have fallen into the river partially blocking the channel.

Much sand deposited under the bridge, river is wide and shallow.

Photo attached showing river and erosion in front of the Camping Reserve and Surf Club.

#13353 6 Oct 2019 Approved Notes:

The erosion caused by the river cutting into the northern bank of the river adjacent to the Beachfront caravan park is noticeable. There is security tape across the bank edge to stop people using the bank.

 Stormwater pipe near the bottom of the steps to the beach ( opposite the shop) is exposed.

Question: Do we need an additional photo-point? This month we couldn't capture the river course from the bridge to the sea from the current photo site only.  I have attached some photos from the other end of the bridge - so the course of the river to the sea can be captured.

Carolyn took some great photos and these are attached too!

I am having trouble getting Anne's name to appear in the samplers ?? i enter it but it doesn't appear on the next page?

#13322 15 Sep 2019 Approved
#13303 1 Sep 2019 Approved Notes:

Photo 1 and 2 are the regular photo points 

The water level was below the scale on the height measuring board in the river - so we made an estimate see photo 3 

Undercutting along the river bank next to the foreshore caravan - see photos 4 and 5 

There was a bird - like a quail spotted on the riverbank


#13252 18 Aug 2019 Approved Notes:

The Estuary this fortnight is completely different from any thing I've seen before. The sand has been taken away from around the caravan park leaving a cliff like edge.  The sand under the bridge has formed a beach going all the way to the playground. The river itself is very clear, fast flowing but very narrow. River rocks are very visible from the bridge up the river.  The water level gauge is a long way from any water and you can see the pylons which we think are from the very original bridge. The main beach is very large.

#13240 4 Aug 2019 Approved Notes:

Sand movement from beach to under bridge.  Course of river outflow changed.

Depth gauge no longer in river course.

#13212 21 Jul 2019 Approved Notes:

See attached photo showing water gauge, unable to measure a level.

#13188 7 Jul 2019 Approved
#13127 16 Jun 2019 Approved Notes:

Regarding tidal influence, high tide was at 10.45am and at 10.00am (when the observations were made) the sea was surging into the mouth of the river. When I went to check the water level at the gauge under the pedestrian bridge the surge from the sea had reached the tide gauge.

On this day the sea state was difficult to judge as quite large waves were breaking onto the beach yet beyond the beach break, the sea was quite calm. Slight seas was chosen as greater than 0.5 metre waves were breaking onto the beach.

#13112 2 Jun 2019 Approved
#13087 19 May 2019 Approved
#12902 5 May 2019 Approved Notes:

As the tides have been very high the level maker is almost covered with sand.

It is really amazing how the river mouth changes so much and often so dramatically over the two week checking.

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