Wye River Estuary


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#13188 7 Jul 2019 Pending
#13127 16 Jun 2019 Pending Notes:

Regarding tidal influence, high tide was at 10.45am and at 10.00am (when the observations were made) the sea was surging into the mouth of the river. When I went to check the water level at the gauge under the pedestrian bridge the surge from the sea had reached the tide gauge.

On this day the sea state was difficult to judge as quite large waves were breaking onto the beach yet beyond the beach break, the sea was quite calm. Slight seas was chosen as greater than 0.5 metre waves were breaking onto the beach.

#13112 2 Jun 2019 Pending
#13087 19 May 2019 Pending
#12902 5 May 2019 Pending Notes:

As the tides have been very high the level maker is almost covered with sand.

It is really amazing how the river mouth changes so much and often so dramatically over the two week checking.

#12867 21 Apr 2019 Approved
#12799 31 Mar 2019 Approved
#12771 17 Mar 2019 Approved Notes:

Berm noted in previous report has dispersed.

#12754 3 Mar 2019 Approved Notes:

Unusual for this estuary, a sizeable berm has established.  Photo attached.

#12703 17 Feb 2019 Pending Notes:

the river and pond were very small with the river slowly winding its way across the sand. we did speak to two families about please open their 'dams' when they had finished , so the river water would flow into the sea.  We explained reasons and they were all very happy.

#12695 3 Feb 2019 Approved
#12663 20 Jan 2019 Approved
#12629 6 Jan 2019 Approved Notes:

Green colour in drain - flowing into the river from the beach front caravan park.


#12599 16 Dec 2018 Approved Notes:

Large meander below the bridge and a steep bank before the river enters the sea. 

#12566 2 Dec 2018 Approved Notes:

1. River meanders from the lagoon to the sea. Much more sand.

2. Drain pipe on beach more exposed, see photo.

#12611 18 Nov 2018 Approved Notes:

The river is settling into its new lagoon pattern with outlet channel more established.

Green algae now growing upstream of bridge in shallow sand at waters edge

#12530 4 Nov 2018 Approved Notes:

Lagoon has moved down the beach and is now located behind a sandbar

Lots of sand on upper beach and under bridge

#12457 21 Oct 2018 Approved Notes:

Seaweed on the beach. 

Channel narrow around the gauge; upstream sand deposited under both bridges.

Plovers active on the beach.--( not the endangered ones )

#12482 7 Oct 2018 Approved Notes:

Lagoon getting bigger on beach side of bridge.

More sand accumulating under bridge

#12419 16 Sep 2018 Approved Notes:

sand continuing to build up  upstream of bridge despite winter rains - easterly storms and high tides

#12374 2 Sep 2018 Approved
#12348 19 Aug 2018 Approved Notes:

Observed large amounts of storm water flowing into the river from the two pipes on the southern side of the bridge, opposite the store.

#12309 5 Aug 2018 Approved Notes:

There is more sand under the bridge than in previous months 

#12258 15 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

Plovers in residence.

More erosion opposite Store but steps well covered with sand. Photo attached.

More sand on main beach in front of campground.


#12247 1 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

More sand deposition upstream of bridge and on north side of beach, more sand removed from south side of beach past picnic ground and toilet

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