Curdies River Estuary


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#13555 4 Feb 2020 Pending
#13487 7 Jan 2020 Pending Notes:

Boggy Creek monitoring site was not undertaken this month because the monitoring site was under water.

































































Boggy Creek monitoring was not visited today, because the high river level prevented access to the monitoring site.


















































#13441 3 Dec 2019 Pending Notes:

Monitoring of the Boggy Creek site was not undertaken because the monitoring site was under water

#13387 5 Nov 2019 Pending Notes:

Height Gauge on bridge pylon is dirty and thus difficult to read.  It needs to be scrubbed or replaced if accurate readings are to be obtained.


The river is close to closing.   A strong southerly wind will close it.

The river closed on 6th November 2019



#13346 1 Oct 2019 Pending Notes:

We used the last of our chemicals to calibrate the multi-function meter, and will be unable to re-calibrate this meter until more chemicals are provided.  When we attended at Simpson recently, we were promised that our chemicals would be replenished, and we gave all our spare bottles to staff at the function for refilling

#13304 3 Sep 2019 Pending
#13231 6 Aug 2019 Pending
#13204 2 Jul 2019 Pending Notes:

The Curdies River closed on 6th July 2019, and re-opened naturally on 10th July 2019

#13152 18 Jun 2019 Pending Notes:

Sorry again for the photo quality.

#13148 17 Jun 2019 Pending Notes:

My apology for the quality of some of the photosa, it apparently slipped back from 5 Meg to 0.3 meg.

#13128 16 Jun 2019 Pending Notes:

River opening commenced at approx 8.00am, and the digger left at approx 10.00am, with low flows of water from the river.

#13122 15 Jun 2019 Pending Notes:

These readings and photos were taken because of information that the river is to be opened tat 5.00 am Sunday 16th June 2019

#13108 4 Jun 2019 Pending
#12906 7 May 2019 Pending Notes:

It was not possible to measure the Berm height from either the sea or the river.



the physical conditions for the last two weeks, weres so varied with very strong winds from the North, South and West, as well as calm conditions, with sea states from smooth seas to high seas.

#12811 2 Apr 2019 Approved
#12741 5 Mar 2019 Pending Notes:

The height gauge is very dirty.  It was impossible to read the gauge with accuracy, readings were scaled from the photos I took, which I have uploaded.

#12696 12 Feb 2019 Approved Notes:

Height board was very dirty, making accurate heights difficult, particularly when combined with the swell. (See photos.)

#12630 8 Jan 2019 Approved
#12567 4 Dec 2018 Approved
#12488 6 Nov 2018 Approved Notes:

Estuary close to closing, unless more heavy rain son.

#12438 9 Oct 2018 Approved
#12371 4 Sep 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind and sea conditions were very variable over the past two weeks at this site

#12327 14 Aug 2018 Approved
#12291 24 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

Bitterly cold and windy conditions. We almost lost out equipment box at the pontoon, the wind blew it to the edge of the pontoon, and we just managed to catch it in time.

Cath Bell was not able to go to Boggy Creek, so we completed only the Dory Street monitoring.

Ther was a distinct change in the colour of the water at the pontoon, in a line at about 30 degrees to the pontoon, with darker brown water near the pontoon, lighter brown further out.  See the photo.

#12232 3 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

Marg O'Toole brought another volunteer with her, I had not met her before, but she apparently came to the recent QA session in Port Campbell.  She was interested and enthusiatic.

I will add her to my mailout about future monitoring sessions, if you agree.


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