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Kennett River Estuary

Inactive Kennett River EstuaryWatchers Corangamite CMA

The Kennett River Estuary is small at approximately 0.73km in length and with a catchment area of 38.56Ha. It flows through the town of Kennett River and is home to the Australian Grayling which is the fish species of the greatest conservation need in the Otway region.

Monitoring sites

KMC Kp1 Kp2

Merri River Estuary

Active Merri River EstuaryWatch Group Glenelg Hopkins CMA

The Merri Estuary is located near Warrnambool in southwest Victoria. The river has two openings to the sea, both artificially modified. In 1859, the course of the Merri River was diverted in an attempt to prevent sedimentation in Lady Bay (Gill 1984). The main channel of the Merri River now discharges into the sea at Stingray Bay east of Pickering Point.

Monitoring sites

M1 M2 MGB MMC1 MMC2 Mp1 Mp2

Merricks Creek Estuary

Active Merricks Creek EstuaryWatchers Melbourne Water
Merricks Creek Estuary is situated in the township of Balnarring Beach and flows into Western Port Bay.  It is an intermittently open estuary and is highly modified.

Monitoring sites

Me1 Me2 MeMC Mep1

Painkalac Creek Estuary

Active Painkalac Creek EstuaryWatchers Corangamite CMA

Painkalac Creek Estuary is approximately 3.5km in length and has a catchment area of 318.1Ha. It is a beautiful coastal lagoon system which attracts the spotted green frog and the eastern banjo frog (Pobblebonk).

Monitoring sites

P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 PGB PMC Pp1

Powlett River Estuary

Active Powlett River EstuaryWatchers West Gippsland CMA

The Powlett River Estuary is approximately 8km in length with a catchment area of 67.77km2. There are a number of bridges, roads and carparks in the area, that provide access to the estuary.

Monitoring sites

Po1 Po2 Po3 Po4 Po5 Po6 PoGB PoMC Pop1

Skenes Creek Estuary

Inactive Skenes Creek EstuaryWatchers Corangamite CMA

Skenes Creek catchment is quite small but can carry a large fast flow during rain events. The sandy beach is a good study area for channel and sand movements. Erosion of the for dune is constant and appears to be accelerating over time.

Monitoring sites

SkGB SKMC Skp1 Skp2 Skp3

Spring Creek Estuary

Active Spring Creek EstuaryWatchers Corangamite CMA

Spring Creek Estuary is approximately 2km in length, with a catchment area of 153.0Ha, and enters the sea at the popular Torquay surf beach. The estuary s bordered by the Spring Creek Reserve which contains unique and rare Moonah Woodlands and Bellarine Yellowgums.

Monitoring sites

S1 S2 S3 S4 SGB SMC Sp1

St George River Estuary

Active St George River EstuaryWatchers Corangamite CMA

The St George River Estuary is approximately 1km in length with a small catchment of 215.8Ha. It is the only estuary in the Corangamite region which was listed as being in a ‘near-pristine’ condition in an audit of all estuaries in the region in 2003 (Mondon, J., Sherwood, J. and Chandler, F. (2003). Western Victorian Estuaries Classification Project).

Monitoring sites


Thompson Creek Estuary

Active Thompson Creek EstuaryWatchers Corangamite CMA

The Thompson Creek Estuary has a catchment area of 2795Ha, and is approximately 5.5km in length. It is part of the important Karaaf Wetlands which are rich in local cultural history.

Monitoring sites


Tidal River

Active Parks Victoria Tidal River Education Team West Gippsland CMA

The Tidal River Estuary is approximately 2.5km in length and is located at the base of the tidal river catchment which is approximately 27km2. There are a number of roads, a bridge, boardwalk and several fishing platforms that provide access to the estuary.

The Tidal River Estuary has a diverse array of intact habitat for terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, within and surrounding the estuary, including; muddy and sandy substrate, the water column, rocks and the vegetation communities surrounding these areas.

Monitoring sites


Wild Dog Creek Estuary

Active Wild Dog Creek EstuaryWatchers Corangamite CMA

Wild Dog Creek has a long sand bar that runs parallel to the sea which is home to Hooded Plover. Wild Dog enters the sea by cutting through the bar.

Monitoring sites

WGB WMC Wp1 Wp2 Wp3

Wreck Creek

Active WGCMA Estuary Management Group West Gippsland CMA

Wreck Creek is a small intermittently closing and opening estuarine lagoon located on the western edge of Inverloch. From the coast the estuary follows Cape Paterson - Inverloch Road towards the Inverloch RACV resort, for approximately 800 metres, before the creek becomes fresh. The creek has two main branches, one that begins well above the RACV resort (including the resorts wetlands) and the other flows out of farmland through the residential area to the north. For the majority of the year two branches of the creek are mostly dry (apart from a few ponds and billabongs that have been sighted on private property upstream). These creeks begin to flow during wet times (winter / spring), and for the majority of the time the main habitat available to biota is the estuarine lagoon itself.  

Monitoring sites

Wr1 WrGB WrMC Wrp1

Wye River Estuary

Active Wye River EstuaryWatchers Corangamite CMA

The estuary is home to the vulnerable Tasmanian Mudfish which bury themsleves beneath logs or stones during dry summers. The estuary is approximately 1km in length

Monitoring sites

Wy1 WY2 WyMC Wyp1
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