Estuary event details
Estuary Wye River Estuary
Region Corangamite CMA
Event type Weather Event
Date and time 22 March 2017 01:00am

100 ml rainfall event over night 22/23 March 2017.

River's normal course across the sand significantly redirected.

Substantial sand movement from beach to underneath bridge resulting in narrowing of river at that point.  Depth gauge now buried in sand.

One week later, 30 March, estuary river course returning to usual position, but sand under bridge still remains.

EstuaryWatch monitoring will take place Sunday 2 April.

23-03-2017 11:50:
23-03-2017 11:50:
23-03-2017 11:55:
23-03-2017 12:00:
23-03-2017 12:00:
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