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EstuaryWatch News is a quarterly publication providing snapshots of estuary based activities across Victoria.  By receiving the EstuaryWatch News you can be notified of upcoming events.

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Kangaroo crossing - 9 August 2016

Marg and Tony Dunn have only been EstuaryWatchers for just over a year and have already seen it all!! Late last year the couple reported seeing a tiger snake swimming across the estuary close to their monitoring site on Painkalac Creek. This species of snake is often found close to water feeding on fish, frogs, lizards, birds and small mammals. According to Museum Australia, the tiger snake will search for prey under water and can stay under for at least 9 minutes. Read more »

Powlett provides important drought refuge - 8 August 2016

Dry conditions and low river flows have allowed a sandbar to build up at the mouth of the Powlett River closing it to the ocean. Over the coming weeks, if the river mouth remains closed, water will begin to cover the surrounding wetlands. This is an essential natural process required to maintain the condition of these environments and the flora and fauna they support. Read more »