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Observation details


Estuary Thompson Creek Estuary
Site Blackgate Road Pedestrian Bridge
Observation ID #13540
Date and Time Sunday 15th December 2019 10:10am
Approved Pending


weeds along creek edge - pulled out and disposed most of it

old and new fence through creek covered in plant material

computer dumped near creek edge

Water Levels and Tides

Low tide time 08:41

Depth Profiling

Depth m Temperature °C Salinity ppt D.O. mg/L D.O. % sat EC mS/cm Notes
0.1m 17.30 41.40 8.03 84.7 59.10
Previous 15.9 26.3 9.9 101.8 37.5
Median 14.3 41.30 8.18 71.40 48.6

Top-Bottom Sampling

Depth m Turbidity NTU pH
Top 0.1 10 7.8
Previous 0.1 40 7.9
Median 0.1 20 8.0
Bottom 0.3
Previous 0.4 48 7.6
Median 0.4 19 8.2

Other details

Max depth 0.40
Previous 0.50
Median 0.50
Flow estimate N/A
Low tide time 08:41am

Observation Documents

Link Date File name Description

29-01-2020 16:03 IMG_20190630_100300.jpg tp2_1

29-01-2020 16:03 IMG_20190630_100453.jpg tp2_2

Preceding Observations

C Estuary is closed to the sea. O Estuary is open to the sea. P Perched
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