Observation details


Estuary Balcombe Creek Estuary
Site Augusta Street
Observation ID #12224
Date and Time Wednesday 27th June 2018 10:00am
Approved Approved


I have had another look at the dissolved oxygen DO results for 27/6 as we were concerned about the very high readings. I went back to Augusta Street bridge the next day and took another reading which was considerably lower. Unfortunately I didn’t retest the other sites. I now believe that the meter was incorrectly calibrated so I think we should include a note to that effect on the data sheets. On re-reading the calibration data I didn’t allow enough time for the DO reading to stabilise.
I will allow more time for future calibrations. Jan Jones

Depth Profiling

Depth m Temperature °C Salinity ppt D.O. mg/L D.O. % sat EC mS/cm Notes
0.1m 9.00 1.70 25.80 226.2 3.19 Water level low. No discernible hydrogen sulphide odour. See notes re DO reading
Previous 16.1 33.8 6.5 34.6 52.4
Median 18.4 27.80 3.90 46.80 43.3
0.5m 11.60 33.70 11.34 128.9 51.40 Water level low. No discernible hydrogen sulphide odour. See notes re DO reading
Previous 18.4 25.6 4.1 53.5 40.0
Median 18.4 25.60 3.51 46.80 40.0

Top-Bottom Sampling

Depth m Turbidity NTU pH
Top 0.1 10 7.6
Previous 0.1 10 7.1
Median 0.1 15 7.7
Bottom 0.4 10 7.4
Previous 1.0 10 7.0
Median 1.9 20 7.5

Other details

Max depth 0.50
Previous 1.00
Median 2.00
Flow estimate Slow

Observation Documents

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Preceding Observations

C Estuary is closed to the sea. O Estuary is open to the sea. P Perched
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