Observation details


Estuary Merricks Creek Estuary
Site Merricks Creek Estuary Mouth Observation Site
Observation ID #12227
Date and Time Monday 2nd July 2018 11:00am
Approved Approved


Mouth Observation

Mouth state Closed
Previous C O O O O O O O O C C C
Flow Present? No
Previous N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N N
Flow Direction N/A
Previous N I O I O O I O O N N N
Above Sea Above Estuary
Berm Height (m) 0.2m 0.3m
Berm Length (m) 30.0m

Physical Condition

Current Mode
Wind Direction North
Beaufort Scale Calm Light Air
Sea State Calm (glassy) Calm (rippled)

Water Levels and Tides

Water Level Start Finish
Height (m) 1.77m 1.77m
Time (hh:mm) 10:00 11:15
Tidal influence No
Tidal Range Time Height
High 02:33 2.620
Low 08:28 0.640

Observation Documents

Link Date File name Description

02-07-2018 11:00 MP3_20180702_1_150.JPG mep1_2

02-07-2018 11:00 MP3_20180702_2_260.JPG mep1_3
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