Site details


Estuary Thompson Creek Estuary
CMA Corangamite CMA
Type Mouth Condition
Site code TPMC
Site name Thompson Creek Observation Site
Nearest road and town Breamlea
Description Grassy knoll on sandbank adjacent to car park at Point Impossible.
Site access
Land use
Land use description
Status Active
Observation history 03-01-2009 - 28-07-2019



# Date Mouth state Flow Wind Beaufort Scale Sea State Water Level Start Water Level End High Tide Low Tide
#13218 28-07-2019 Closed N/A N Gentle breeze 4 Slight 1.7m 10:30am 1.4m 07:33am 0.8m 12:45pm
#13180 30-06-2019 Open Out W Moderate breeze 4 Slight 1.4m 10:15am 1.4m 09:20am 1.0m 14:20pm
#13098 26-05-2019 Closed N/A N Fresh breeze 4 Slight 0.6m 10:15am
#13097 04-05-2019 Closed N/A SW Gentle breeze 3 Smooth 0.6m 1.4m 11:46am 0.6m 05:27am
#12835 30-03-2019 Closed N/A SW Moderate breeze 4 Slight
#12834 23-02-2019 Closed N/A S Moderate breeze 4 Slight
#13101 19-01-2019 Closed N/A SW Moderate breeze 4 Slight
#12843 20-12-2018 Closed Out SW Moderate breeze 3 Smooth 1.0m 11:00am 1.0m 12:00pm 1.3m 09:24am 0.5m 15:16pm
#12572 02-12-2018 Closed N/A W Fresh breeze 3 Smooth 1.1m 10:10am 1.1m 10:55am 1.5m 07:31am 0.5m 13:12pm
#12541 10-11-2018 Closed N/A E Light Breeze 3 Smooth 1.0m 18:00pm 1.0m 1.5m 18:00pm 0.2m 18:30pm
#12496 28-10-2018 Closed N/A N Moderate breeze 4 Slight 1.5m 15:12pm 0.6m 08:57am


28-07-2019 #13218

Photopoint TP1

30-06-2019 #13180

Photopoint TP1

26-05-2019 #13098

04-05-2019 #13097

30-03-2019 #12835

Photopoint TP1

23-02-2019 #12834

Photopoint TP1

19-01-2019 #13101

20-12-2018 #12843

Photopoint TP1

02-12-2018 #12572

Photopoint TP1

10-11-2018 #12541

Photopoint TP1

28-10-2018 #12496

Photopoint TP1
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