Site details


Estuary Curdies River Estuary
CMA Corangamite CMA
Type Photopoint
Site code Cup1
Site name Curdies Photopoint 1
Nearest road and town Irvine Road, Peterborough
Description Behind the no disabled access sign at the top of the beach access track opposite the disabled car parks in the James Irvine memorial car park, Peterborough.
Site access Follow Irvine Street, Peterborough, until you reach the James Irvine Memorial carpark. The monitorig site is at the top of the beach access track infront of the two dissabled carparks. Photos are taken infront of the no dissabled access sign.
Land use
  • Native Bushland
  • Recreational
  • Rural Residential
Land use description Adjacent to the photopoint site is the Peterborough Golf Course, boat ramp, dune system and car park.
Status Active
Observation history 14-05-2014 - 05-12-2018
Curdies Photopoint 1


Photopoint photos

Photopoint Cup1 05-12-2018

Photopoint Cup1 06-11-2018

Photopoint Cup1 10-10-2018

Photopoint Cup1 04-09-2018

Photopoint Cup1 14-08-2018

Photopoint Cup1 24-07-2018

Photopoint Cup1 03-07-2018

Photopoint Cup1 26-06-2018

Photopoint Cup1 19-06-2018

Photopoint Cup1 18-06-2018

Photopoint Cup1 17-06-2018

Photopoint Cup1 05-06-2018

Photopoint Cup1 05-05-2018

Photopoint Cup1 04-04-2018

Photopoint Cup1 13-03-2018

Photopoint Cup1 06-03-2018

Photopoint Cup1 06-02-2018

Photopoint Cup1 06-01-2018

Photopoint Cup1 22-12-2017

Photopoint Cup1 19-12-2017

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