Site details


Estuary Powlett River Estuary
CMA West Gippsland CMA
Type Photopoint
Site code Pop1
Site name Powlett River Photopoint Site One
Nearest road and town Mouth of Powlett Road, Dalyston.
Description Sand dune located on the eastern side of the river, approx 70 metres from ocean waters edge.
Site access From the Mouth of the Powlett Carpark, head south along the eastern side of the river towards the estuary mouth.
Land use
  • Native Bushland
Land use description Coastal bushland reserve.
Status Active
Observation history 16-12-2012 - 03-09-2019


Photopoint photos

Photopoint Pop1 03-09-2019

Photopoint Pop1 16-07-2019

Photopoint Pop1 08-07-2019

Photopoint Pop1 21-06-2019

Photopoint Pop1 16-05-2019

Photopoint Pop1 03-04-2019

Photopoint Pop1 04-03-2019

Photopoint Pop1 14-02-2019

Photopoint Pop1 21-01-2019

Photopoint Pop1 11-12-2018

Photopoint Pop1 22-11-2018

Photopoint Pop1 26-10-2018

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