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EstuaryWatch is celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2017.  EstuaryWatch has grown from a pilot program with volunteers monitoring four estuaries along the Great Ocean Road in the Corangamite Cacthment Management Authority (CMA) region, to now operating in three CMA regions along Victoria’s coastal fringe and at Melbourne Water. 

Congratulations to the program's volunteers who have contributed many hours to the monitoring of estuaries across Victoria.The work that EstuaryWatch Coordinators and volunteers conduct is invaluable to the management of estuaries in Victoria. Estuary managers rely on EstuaryWatch groups to be their eyes on the ground.  They provide early warning for events such as algae blooms, flood, estuary mouth closures and openings and low pH events. 

Watch the conic flourescent green EstuaryWatch hats fade as you move through the life of the EstuaryWatch program in a special 10 years of EstuaryWatch time line of events.

10 years of EstuaryWatch time line of events

EstuaryWatchers for 10 years

Congratulations to the nine EstuaryWatch volunteers who have reached ten years of service to EstuaryWatch. Just like the Short-Finned Eel you have been on an epic journey. Thank you for all the time and energy you have dedicated to the program.  Your passion and dedication is an inspiration!

Roslyn Gibson

"I really enjoy getting together with the other EstuaryWatchers, we have become quite friendly over the years as a team.  The main thing for me is that you feel like you are doing something useful, that's what I've enjoyed about it."

Roslyn Gibson, Barwon River EstuaryWatch

Roslyn Gibson
We are interested in the changing nature of the estuary even if the changes are only small.  We also enjoy checking on the Hooded Plovers that nest at Wild Dog Creek"

Carole and David Webley, Wild Dog Creek EstuaryWatch

Ulric Orr

"It has been great helping Corangamite CMA keep tabs on the estuary and improve knowledge of the Erskine River.  I’ve enjoyed seeing photos I have taken over the years in the EstuaryWatch calendar."

Ulric Orr, Erskine River EstuaryWatch

Alain Purnell

Carol Fulford, Gellibrand River EstuaryWatch


Roslyn Gibson

Phil Lawson, Barham River EstuaryWatch


Judy Spafford

"In my life EstuaryWatch has given me the chance to learn and interact with other people with similar interests."

Judy Spafford, Gellibrand River EstuaryWatch

Jenny Cerins

The thing I enjoy most about monitoring the St George River estuary is noting how it changes.  It is interesting to see what pathway the river takes through the sand to the sea.  It is also interesting to see how the light changes depending on what time of day you visit the estuary.  In some ways EstuaryWatch helps protect the estuary.  If you visit the estuary regularly you can see things that might need attention such as the black water event on the St George River. 

Jenny Cerins, Erskine River EstuaryWatch


Alain Purnell

The thing I enjoy most about monitoring the Erskine River is seeing how it is constantly changing.  I drive past the river to buy the newspaper and collect the mail.  The estuary is different every day. In many ways the Eskine River is the heart of Lorne and we want to keep it healthy. 

Alain Purnell, Erskine River EstuaryWatch

Jenny Cerins

I really enjoy getting on the water.  It is great to be able to track the weather and do a bit of birdwatching on the way to the monitoring site.

Graeme McLean, Barwon River EstuaryWatch