Estuary name Barham River Estuary
CMA Corangamite CMA

The Barham enters the sea between Apollo Bay and Marengo after meandering across a broad tidal waterway, an uncommon river style within the region. The Barham River Estuary is 2.980km in length, with a catchment area of 192.1Ha that contains several geologically significant sites.

Estuary Values
  • significant birds species found on the Barham River estuary are the Eastern Great Egret (Ardea modesta) Status: Vulnerable (Adv List) , Whiskered Tern (Childonias hybrida) Status: Near Threatened (Adv List) , Fairy Tern (Stemula nereis nereis) Status: Vulnerable (EPBC), Endangered (Adv List) and the Hooded Plover (Thinornis rubricollis) Status: Vulnerable (Adv List and EPBC)
  • a significant fish species found on the Barham River estuary is the Australian Grayling.
  • the Barham River supplies water to Apollo Bay
  • canoeing
  • picnics
  • walking
  • camping
  • recreational fishing.
Estuary Threats
  •  degraded riparian vegetation
  • stock access
  • bank erosion
  • invasive flora and fauna
  • reduced connectivity
  •  poor water quality


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Monitor group Barham EstuaryWatchers
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BM1 - P Barham BM1- Phys/Chem

Active Physico-Chemical 12-12-2018 - 03-04-2019
Observations 5

BM2-P Barham BM2-P Phys/Chem

Active Physico-Chemical 12-12-2018 - 03-04-2019
Observations 5

BmGB Barham River Water Level Gauge Board

Active Gauge Board
The water level gauge board is located on the eastern river bank beside the Great Ocean Road bridge.

BmMC Barham River Observation Site

Active Mouth Condition 23-05-2008 - 13-03-2020
Fence corner 17th hole.
Observations 146

BmP1 Barham River P1- Golf Course

Retired Photopoint 02-04-2010 - 21-03-2019

Fence corner 17th hole.

Photos 71

BmP2 Barham River P2- Ocean Road

Active Photopoint 29-08-2010 - 16-03-2023
Fishing platform
Photos 126

BmP3 Barham River P3- Golf Course

Active Photopoint 01-01-2013 - 13-03-2020
Enter via walking track from the carpark at the corner of Gambier and Trafalgar Street. Follow the track to the 6th hole of the golf course.
Photos 158

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