Estuary name Skenes Creek Estuary
CMA Corangamite CMA

Skenes Creek catchment is quite small but can carry a large fast flow during rain events. The sandy beach is a good study area for channel and sand movements. Erosion of the for dune is constant and appears to be accelerating over time.

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SkGB Skenes Creek Gauge Board

Inactive Gauge Board

The water level monitoring gauge board is located under the Great Ocean Road bridge (southwestern corner).

SKMC Skenes Creek Observation Site

Inactive Mouth Condition 14-05-2008 - 17-03-2023

Eastern corner of dune fencing located closest to the western side of the creek.

Observations 51

Skp1 Skenes Creek photopoint site one

Inactive Photopoint 17-01-2011 - 27-03-2023

End of the fence found on the inland side of the boardwalk that runs along the western edge of the Skenes Creek toilet block.

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Skp2 Skenes Creek photopoint site two

Inactive Photopoint 17-01-2011 - 27-03-2023

Eastern corner of dune fencing located closest to the western side of the creek.

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Skp3 Skenes Creek photopoint site three

Inactive Photopoint 17-01-2011 - 27-03-2023

Behind the storm water pit located on the eastern side of the Great Ocean Road bridge.

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