Estuary name Thompson Creek Estuary
CMA Corangamite CMA

The Thompson Creek Estuary has a catchment area of 2795Ha, and is approximately 5.5km in length. It is part of the important Karaaf Wetlands which are rich in local cultural history.

Estuary Values
  • significant birds found on Thompson Creek estuary include the Eastern Great Egret (Ardea modesta) Status: Vulnerable (Adv List).
  • significant fish found on Thompson Creek inlcude the Yarra Pygmy Perch (Nannoperca obscura) Status: Vulnerable (EPBC) Near Threatened (Adv List)
  • Coastal Saltmarsh Ecological Vegetation Class (Endangered)
  • Swamp Scrub Ecological Vegetation Class (Vulnerable)
  • Floodplain Riparian Woodland Ecologcial Vegetation Class (Endangered)
  • Swampy Riparian Woodland Ecological Vegetation Class (Endangered)
  • drought refuge for the Yarra Pygmy Perch
  • the Thompson Creek estuary is identified as a Important Bird Area
  • non-motor boating
  • picnics and barbecues
  • recreational fishing
  • game hunting
Estuary Threats
  • intermittently open estuary
  • degraded estuary vegetation
  • invasive fauna
  • livestock access
  • invasive flora
  • degraded riparian vegetation
  • degraded water quality
  • disturbance of acid sulfate soils
  • reduced riparian connectivity
  • reduced vegetation width
  • barriers to fish migration
Data Site observations
Status Active
Monitor group Thompson Creek EstuaryWatchers
Document Thompson Creek Estuary Fact Sheet



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T1 Point Impossible Road Culvert at Mullet Creek

Active Physico-Chemical 17-10-2014 - 16-07-2023
Site is on the side of the culvert where Mullet Creek enters Thompson Creek estuary.
Observations 74

T2 Blackgate Road Pedestrian Bridge

Active Physico-Chemical 03-10-2007 - 16-07-2023
The walkbridge over Thompson Creek which runs adjacent to Blackgate Road.
Observations 84

TGB Thompson Creek Gauge Board

Active Gauge Board
Downstream of the culvert where Mullet Creek enters Thompson Creek.

TP1 Thompson Creek Photopoint Site

Active Photopoint 18-02-2009 - 16-07-2023
Grassy knoll on sandbank adjacent to car park at Point Impossible.
Photos 513

TP2 Thompson Creek Photopoint Site

Inactive Photopoint 02-08-2010 - 07-07-2020

On top of 'Pill Box

Photos 87

TPMC Thompson Creek Observation Site

Active Mouth Condition 03-10-2007 - 16-07-2023
Grassy knoll on sandbank adjacent to car park at Point Impossible.
Observations 171

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