Estuary name Balcombe Creek Estuary
CMA Melbourne Water

The Balcombe Creek estuary is in Mt. Martha. The estuary extent is limited by the outfall at Briars Park wildlife reserve. The entrance is downstream of the Nepean Highway and is open intermittently to Port Phillip Bay.

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Monitor group Balcombe Creek EstuaryWatchers (BERG)



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Ba1 Jetty near mouth

Active Physico-Chemical 09-10-2013 - 02-01-2021

50m north-east of Balcombe Estuary rotunda.

Observations 51

Ba2 Ferrero Oval

Active Physico-Chemical 21-01-2017 - 02-01-2021

Jetty close to Ferrero Reserve.

Observations 31

Ba3 Augusta Street

Active Physico-Chemical 21-01-2017 - 02-01-2021

Augusta Street Bridge.  Monitoring is conducted from the middle of the bridge. This is also a Waterwatch site.

Observations 31

BaGB Balcombe Creek Gauge Board

Active Gauge Board
Jetty near rotunda at Estuary carpark (off Mirang Ave).

BaMC Balcombe Creek Mouth Condition Observation

Active Mouth Condition 10-03-2012 - 02-01-2021
Balcombe Bridge on Esplanade. 5th post in from southern end on beach side.
Observations 56

Bap1 Balcombe Creek Photopoint Site 1

Active Photopoint 02-01-2017 - 30-01-2019
Balcombe Bridge on Esplanade. 5th post in from southern end on beach side.
Photos 15

Bap2 Balcombe Creek Photopoint Site 2

Active Photopoint 06-10-2015 - 24-09-2018
150m north west of the Balcombe Estuary Rotunda on beach. Site is behind shrubs and 'Balcombe Estuary' sign.
Photos 27

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