Site details


Estuary Wye River Estuary
CMA Corangamite CMA
Type Photopoint
Site code Wyp2
Site name Wye River Photopoint 2
Nearest road and town Great Ocean Road, Wye River

Walk to the south eastern end of the Great Ocean Bridge ie beach entrance end on the ocean side of the road bridge. Look for pencil markings on the top rail between 4th and 5th posts

Site access
Land use
  • Native Bushland
  • Recreational
  • Rural Residential
Land use description

Upper catchment native forest. Site is downstream of low densiity housing, caravan park and recreational areas.

Status Active
Observation history 23-02-2021 - 14-03-2023


Photopoint photos

Photopoint Wyp2 14-03-2023

Photopoint Wyp2 19-02-2023

Photopoint Wyp2 05-01-2023

Photopoint Wyp2 07-12-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 09-11-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 04-10-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 21-08-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 13-08-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 18-07-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 07-07-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 12-06-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 19-05-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 04-05-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 20-04-2022

Photopoint Wyp2 04-04-2022

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