Launch of the Fluker Post Mobile App 


The Victorian community can now help monitor some of Victoria’s most iconic waterways on their phones via a new app – the Fluker Post App. This app is a collaboration between Victoria University and the Victorian Government to encourage the community to capture photos of the waterways and landscapes love and use, and immediately upload them into the app to provide a permanent visual record of the location. The app includes an archive of historical photos and allows users to see what the location looked like under different weather or management regimes.

The Fluker Post App includes photos from newly installed Fluker Posts on some of Victoria's most important waterways. Across Victoria there are 10 flagship waterways, each with new Fluker Posts. The flagship waterways are about working with community towards healthier rivers, estuaries and wetlands so more Victorians can enjoy the environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits that waterways provide. There are also Fluker Posts installed on a number of Victoria’s estuaries as part of the EstuaryWatch program.  These Fluker Posts will inform estuary management and complement existing monitoring being conducted by active EstuaryWatch groups.


Surf Coast Shire Council assist with the installation of a Fluker Post on the Anglesea River estuary

Surf Coast Shire Council assist with the installation of a new Fluker Post on the Anglesea River Estuary

The Fluker Post Project is a long-term citizen science project that allows the community and land managers to contribute towards the ongoing care of various natural environments by taking repeat photographs from fixed photo-points, the Fluker Posts. The Fluker Post App brings together 10 years of photo monitoring across Victoria in a new and accessible way for the Victorian community to enjoy.

The Victorian Government is committed to improving the health of waterways and catchments, and new tools such as the Fluker Post App will support this investment by capturing information from the community about the changing environment. The Victorian Government has funded the development of this app, through the $30 million Regional Riparian Action Plan, which is part of the $222 million committed to improving the health of waterways and catchments in Victoria.

The Fluker Post App can be downloaded via:


Google Play

Please contact Martin Fluker ( if there are any problems with the app.