St George River Estuary


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#12553 28 Nov 2018 Pending Notes:

Very little flow coming down river.

Wind at Teddys lookout S, scale 4

#12477 31 Oct 2018 Pending Notes:

Large deposits of seaweed in estuary.River's path through sand almost blocked half way between mouth and GOR bridge. Minimum flow coming down river. Wind at Teddys, E.

#12432 2 Oct 2018 Pending Notes:

River's path through sand not well defined. Little flow coming downstream.

#12361 27 Aug 2018 Pending Notes:

Wind direction at Teddys lookout S/E scale 4.

#12299 30 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind at Teddys lookout N/W, scale 3.

#12221 30 Jun 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind direction at Teddys lookout S, scale 4.

Sand has been deposited further up the estuary towards bridge and beyond.

#12184 4 Jun 2018 Approved
#12023 29 Apr 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind at Teddys lookout S gusting scale 4 to 5.

More sand banking up upstream of bridge than ever before.

#11972 30 Mar 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind at Teddy's lookout gusting N/W to force 4.Wind at Lower Lookout W, gusting to force 4.

River's path through sand now closer to N/E side of estuary.

Vegetation grown to obscure view at StP2_1

#12311 20 Mar 2018 Pending
#11907 27 Feb 2018 Approved Notes:

Estuary almost closed.Hardly any water reaching the sea 33 minutes after low tide. Water dammed up in northern part of estuary. Estuary fills at high tide. Wind at Teddys lookout S, scale 4.

Extra photographs taken to show damming of water and minimal flow to sea.

#11811 30 Jan 2018 Approved Notes:

River course through sand is closer to N/Wpart of estuary (ie closer to Great Ocean Road. Wind at Teddys Lookout S gusting to scale 5.

#11807 31 Dec 2017 Approved Notes:

River mostly very shallow through sand from mouth up to bridge.

Wind at Teddys - S.

Lower lookout:

love heart gone,bush has grown.

#11620 30 Nov 2017 Approved Notes:

Lots of sand shifted out. River is very shallow and in 2 streams out to sea.

Fair bit of seaweed in estuary.

#11603 30 Oct 2017 Approved Notes:

Sand carved out on western edge of estuary.Wind in light gusts.

Wind at Teddys lookout N/W scale 4.

#11515 29 Sep 2017 Approved Notes:

Gentle northerly breeze scale 2 at Teddy's.

Wind gusting from south west at scale 4 at lower lookout.

Lot's of people at both lookouts.

#11490 28 Aug 2017 Approved Notes:

Heavy seas last week and at weekend shifted a lot of sand from S/W corner of estuary.

Wind direction at Teddy's lookout S scale 4.

#11363 25 Jul 2017 Approved Notes:

Sea surging right up estuary further upstream than the bridge,

#11336 30 Jun 2017 Approved Notes:

River path moved to north side of estuary.

Wind at Teddys, N/W

New steps installed between Teddys lookout and lower lookout.

#11335 29 May 2017 Approved Notes:

Water fills whole estuary at high tide.Path of river moving towards south side of estuary.Rocks on north side becoming exposed.

Dead pelican on beach.Unusual?

Graffiti at Teddys lookout.

4 photos taken at high tide from car park.


#11334 30 Apr 2017 Approved Notes:

Due to rain events course of river through sand has moved closer to northern side of estuary.

#11333 29 Mar 2017 Approved Notes:

Teddys wind direction E.

Seaweed deposits on beach.

River has changed course through sand after 120mm + rainfall on 21st March.

#11311 27 Feb 2017 Approved Notes:

Mouth very shallow,very little flow. South west corner and deeper areas in northern corner,

#11310 24 Jan 2017 Approved Notes:

Estuary water closest to road is deep and is dark in colour(tannin ?).River flowing against southern edge of estuary.

Wind at Teddy's South scale 5

#11307 31 Dec 2016 Approved Notes:

River cut in against southern bank.Many white cockatoos about. More rubbish than usual on beach and car park,


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