St George River Estuary


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#13554 2 Feb 2020 Pending Notes:

Rained for 24 hour period prior

#13553 7 Jan 2020 Pending Notes:

StP3 Beaufort 2

#13458 8 Dec 2019 Pending
#13407 10 Nov 2019 Pending Notes:

Lots of sediment in water under bridge. Sand on beach washed away with ledge on shore. StP2 wind NW and beaufort scale 6.

#13368 12 Oct 2019 Approved Notes:

Piles of gravel dropped in car park workzone.

Water levels been cleaned and recalibrated on 1/10/2019

Teddies Top Look Out beaufort scale 4 East wind

#13344 22 Sep 2019 Approved Notes:

sand bank sloped with sand washed away

work zone in carpark has gone

#13293 25 Aug 2019 Approved Notes:

Sand slope is steeper than normal with sand washed away.

Car park remains a work zone.

Teddy's Lookouts E wind & Beaufort Scale 3.

#13228 4 Aug 2019 Approved Notes:

Lots of large clumped seaweed on beach.
Building site in carpark.
StP2 & StP3 NW wind and beaufort scale 2

#13176 2 Jul 2019 Approved Notes:

Training Event, sand is sloping more steeply than usual, excavators in public carpark, wind at Teddy's Lookout NW Beaufort Scale = 4

#13173 27 Jun 2019 Pending Notes:

River now entering sea on north side of estuary.

Wind at Teddys N scale 2.

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