St George River Estuary


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#13554 2 Feb 2020 Pending Notes:

Rained for 24 hour period prior

#13553 7 Jan 2020 Pending Notes:

StP3 Beaufort 2

#13458 8 Dec 2019 Pending
#13407 10 Nov 2019 Pending Notes:

Lots of sediment in water under bridge. Sand on beach washed away with ledge on shore. StP2 wind NW and beaufort scale 6.

#13368 12 Oct 2019 Approved Notes:

Piles of gravel dropped in car park workzone.

Water levels been cleaned and recalibrated on 1/10/2019

Teddies Top Look Out beaufort scale 4 East wind

#13344 22 Sep 2019 Approved Notes:

sand bank sloped with sand washed away

work zone in carpark has gone

#13293 25 Aug 2019 Approved Notes:

Sand slope is steeper than normal with sand washed away.

Car park remains a work zone.

Teddy's Lookouts E wind & Beaufort Scale 3.

#13228 4 Aug 2019 Approved Notes:

Lots of large clumped seaweed on beach.
Building site in carpark.
StP2 & StP3 NW wind and beaufort scale 2

#13176 2 Jul 2019 Approved Notes:

Training Event, sand is sloping more steeply than usual, excavators in public carpark, wind at Teddy's Lookout NW Beaufort Scale = 4

#13173 27 Jun 2019 Pending Notes:

River now entering sea on north side of estuary.

Wind at Teddys N scale 2.

#13099 28 May 2019 Pending Notes:

River splits into two streams on ocean side of bridge for a short distance. Wind at Teddys WNW scale 4.

#12892 28 Apr 2019 Pending Notes:

River full to overflowing banks spilling slowly in small stream sometimes spread out over sand. Wind at Teddys is S,scale3.

#12888 29 Mar 2019 Pending Notes:

Estuary appears closed in that no flow appears to be entering from river.River filled up to top of banks and beyond in some spots.Clumps of seaweed washed up river beyond bridge.Wind at Teddys S/W scale 5.

#12737 28 Feb 2019 Approved Notes:

River has very little flow. Only just reaching the sea  in trickles.

#12672 26 Jan 2019 Approved Notes:

River has no defined pathway in lower part of estuary. It is spread out with a few trickling places.

Wind at Teddys is SSE scale 3.

#12664 30 Dec 2018 Approved Notes:

River's path through sand now on north side of estuary.

Wind at Teddys lookout SSE scale 4.

#12553 28 Nov 2018 Approved Notes:

Very little flow coming down river.

Wind at Teddys lookout S, scale 4

#12477 31 Oct 2018 Approved Notes:

Large deposits of seaweed in estuary.River's path through sand almost blocked half way between mouth and GOR bridge. Minimum flow coming down river. Wind at Teddys, E.

#12432 2 Oct 2018 Approved Notes:

River's path through sand not well defined. Little flow coming downstream.

#12361 27 Aug 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind direction at Teddys lookout S/E scale 4.

#12299 30 Jul 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind at Teddys lookout N/W, scale 3.

#12221 30 Jun 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind direction at Teddys lookout S, scale 4.

Sand has been deposited further up the estuary towards bridge and beyond.

#12184 4 Jun 2018 Approved
#12023 29 Apr 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind at Teddys lookout S gusting scale 4 to 5.

More sand banking up upstream of bridge than ever before.

#11972 30 Mar 2018 Approved Notes:

Wind at Teddy's lookout gusting N/W to force 4.Wind at Lower Lookout W, gusting to force 4.

River's path through sand now closer to N/E side of estuary.

Vegetation grown to obscure view at StP2_1

#12311 20 Mar 2018 Approved
#11907 27 Feb 2018 Approved Notes:

Estuary almost closed.Hardly any water reaching the sea 33 minutes after low tide. Water dammed up in northern part of estuary. Estuary fills at high tide. Wind at Teddys lookout S, scale 4.

Extra photographs taken to show damming of water and minimal flow to sea.

#11811 30 Jan 2018 Approved Notes:

River course through sand is closer to N/Wpart of estuary (ie closer to Great Ocean Road. Wind at Teddys Lookout S gusting to scale 5.

#11807 31 Dec 2017 Approved Notes:

River mostly very shallow through sand from mouth up to bridge.

Wind at Teddys - S.

Lower lookout:

love heart gone,bush has grown.

#11620 30 Nov 2017 Approved Notes:

Lots of sand shifted out. River is very shallow and in 2 streams out to sea.

Fair bit of seaweed in estuary.

#11603 30 Oct 2017 Approved Notes:

Sand carved out on western edge of estuary.Wind in light gusts.

Wind at Teddys lookout N/W scale 4.

#11515 29 Sep 2017 Approved Notes:

Gentle northerly breeze scale 2 at Teddy's.

Wind gusting from south west at scale 4 at lower lookout.

Lot's of people at both lookouts.

#11490 28 Aug 2017 Approved Notes:

Heavy seas last week and at weekend shifted a lot of sand from S/W corner of estuary.

Wind direction at Teddy's lookout S scale 4.

#11363 25 Jul 2017 Approved Notes:

Sea surging right up estuary further upstream than the bridge,

#11336 30 Jun 2017 Approved Notes:

River path moved to north side of estuary.

Wind at Teddys, N/W

New steps installed between Teddys lookout and lower lookout.

#11335 29 May 2017 Approved Notes:

Water fills whole estuary at high tide.Path of river moving towards south side of estuary.Rocks on north side becoming exposed.

Dead pelican on beach.Unusual?

Graffiti at Teddys lookout.

4 photos taken at high tide from car park.


#11334 30 Apr 2017 Approved Notes:

Due to rain events course of river through sand has moved closer to northern side of estuary.

#11333 29 Mar 2017 Approved Notes:

Teddys wind direction E.

Seaweed deposits on beach.

River has changed course through sand after 120mm + rainfall on 21st March.

#11311 27 Feb 2017 Approved Notes:

Mouth very shallow,very little flow. South west corner and deeper areas in northern corner,

#11310 24 Jan 2017 Approved Notes:

Estuary water closest to road is deep and is dark in colour(tannin ?).River flowing against southern edge of estuary.

Wind at Teddy's South scale 5

#11307 31 Dec 2016 Approved Notes:

River cut in against southern bank.Many white cockatoos about. More rubbish than usual on beach and car park,


#11306 30 Nov 2016 Approved Notes:
  • 5 unrestrained dogs on the beach-dog droppings not picked up.
  • Too dangerous to try and read depth gauge because grass from end of bridge to edge of river is more than waist high.
  • Large rubber tyre floating in the river.
#11305 28 Oct 2016 Approved
#11304 30 Sep 2016 Approved Notes:

Both gauges out of the water and unreadable.

River bed deep and flow quite swift

#11120 31 Aug 2016 Approved
#11119 25 Jul 2016 Approved
#10889 29 Jun 2016 Approved
#10396 27 May 2016 Approved
#10303 29 Apr 2016 Approved Notes: Unable to read water level(see photos)
#10302 30 Mar 2016 Approved Notes: Water level readings used old depth gauge. (see photo)
Wind at Teddys lookout direction S:scale 4 to 5
#10301 22 Feb 2016 Approved Notes: Slight outward flow present only at high tide.
#10300 26 Jan 2016 Approved Notes: Vegetation (Sea rocket) on sand on south side of estuary increased in size. Quite a bit of seaweed washed up.
Wind direction at river mouth SE,scale 1. Wind direction at Teddys lookout E,scale 4.
#10166 3 Jan 2016 Approved Notes: Photos and observations taken on two consecutive days.
3/1/2016 Wind direction at photo point felt like westerly but was really easterly.because deflected by topography.
River all but blocked- very small trickle out.
4/1/2016 Teddys lookout photos taken.River merely oozing across sand and appears not to make it to the sea.
#10011 22 Nov 2015 Approved Notes: Lots of vigorous plant growth on south-west area of estuary.
New depth gauge installed.
Old gauge deeply buried in sand.
See 3 event photos.
#9943 19 Oct 2015 Approved Notes: Wind at river mouth NE but at Teddy's lookout SE. This is usually the case that when the wind is from the south it is deflected off the northern side of the estuary and hits the mouth observation point as if coming from the apposite direction.
#9854 22 Sep 2015 Approved Notes: Sand sloping quite steeply towards river on southern side of estuary. Wind strength and direction at observation point has been entered.
Wind strength at Teddys lookout Scale 5 and southerly.
Shape of estuary topography causes wind to be deflected I think.
#9831 20 Aug 2015 Approved
#9746 24 Jul 2015 Approved
#9695 23 Jun 2015 Approved
#9671 16 May 2015 Approved Notes: Even more sand build up.
#9584 24 Apr 2015 Approved Notes: Very little water going out at low tide.Estuary almost totally covered at high tide.
StP2 photo taken from seat above lookout as lookout closed due to fire damage.
Two additional photos taken from StP3 as well
#9463 23 Mar 2015 Approved
#9450 25 Feb 2015 Approved
#9373 25 Jan 2015 Approved
#9342 24 Dec 2014 Approved Notes: Lots of seaweed on southern edge of estuary. River barely making it through sand to the sea.
#9236 23 Nov 2014 Approved Notes: Lots of seaweed on the beach. Sand continues to build up upstream of the bridge on the Great Ocean Road.
#9182 21 Oct 2014 Approved Notes: Sand seems to be building up even more upstream of the GOR bridge probably due to lack of flow down the river. River is now quite shallow in this area.
#9143 20 Sep 2014 Approved
#9088 20 Aug 2014 Approved
#9016 21 Jul 2014 Approved
#8903 26 May 2014 Approved
#8847 21 Apr 2014 Approved
#8804 18 Mar 2014 Approved Notes: Wind change while monitoring
#8771 21 Feb 2014 Approved
#8696 19 Jan 2014 Approved Notes: River curving to southernmost edge of estuary.
#8645 18 Dec 2013 Approved
#8583 27 Nov 2013 Approved
#8510 19 Sep 2013 Approved Notes: Deposit of seaweed mostly on southern edge near river mouth.
#8496 20 Aug 2013 Approved
#8406 15 Jul 2013 Approved
#8081 16 Jan 2013 Approved
#7979 12 Dec 2012 Approved
#7957 18 Nov 2012 Approved
#7856 20 Sep 2012 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 minutes.
#7855 13 Aug 2012 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 minutes.
#7053 12 Apr 2012 Approved Notes: River flow almost blocked at low tide by sand build-up 50m. downstream of bridge and extending 10m. upstream of bridge.
#6842 9 Mar 2012 Approved Notes: Seaweed of many kinds washed up on beach in large quantities. Tide times Port Phillip heads minus 20 mins.
#6841 12 Feb 2012 Approved Notes: tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 minutes.
#6622 8 Jan 2012 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Philip Heads minus 20 minutes
#6461 8 Dec 2011 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 minutes.
#6402 12 Nov 2011 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 mins.
Depth guage sitting in sand above water level.
#6261 10 Oct 2011 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 minutes.
#6085 11 Sep 2011 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 minutes.
Depth guage surrounded by sand.
Bright green algae on rocks to high tide mark.
#5964 12 Aug 2011 Approved
#5882 10 Jul 2011 Approved Notes: Huge seas and high tides have eroded sections of the edge of the estuary. Highest tides have even depositied seaweed on the edge of the great ocean road near the bridge (on the inland side).
#5862 10 Jun 2011 Approved
#5528 9 May 2011 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 minutes
#5467 10 Apr 2011 Approved Notes: Unable to read water levels as guage out of the water
#5326 12 Mar 2011 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 mins.
River flowing on extreme s/w edge of estuary.
#5325 7 Feb 2011 Approved Notes: Tide times Port Phillip Heads minus 20 mins.
Photo of water level guage 11.54
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