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Observation details


Estuary Merricks Creek Estuary
Site Merricks Creek Estuary Mouth Observation Site
Observation ID #15995
Date and Time Monday 5th February 2024 13:50pm
Approved Pending


Mouth Observation

Mouth state Open
Previous C O C C O O O O O O O O
Flow Present? Yes
Previous N Y N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Flow Direction Out
Previous N O N N O O O O O O O O
Above Sea Above Estuary
Berm Height (m)
Berm Length (m)

Physical Condition

Current Mode
Wind Direction South-West South-West
Beaufort Scale Gentle breeze Gentle breeze
Sea State Smooth Smooth

Water Levels and Tides

Water Level Start Finish
Height (m) 0.62m 0.62m
Time (hh:mm) 13:50 14:15
Tidal influence Yes
Tidal Range Time Height
High 07:29 2.610
Low 13:38 0.530

Observation Documents

Link Date File name Description

05-02-2024 13:50 MP3_20240205_1_150.JPG mep1_2

05-02-2024 13:50 MP3_20240205_2_260.JPG mep1_3
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