Site details


Estuary Powlett River Estuary
CMA West Gippsland CMA
Type Physico-Chemical
Site code Po4
Site name Site four (Old Town Drain)
Nearest road and town Daly Street, Dalyston

Site located in the middle of the river, directly opposite the old fence found on the upstream side of the old town drain.

Site access

Site accessed via kayak from the Daly Bridge, or the Mouth of Powlett Road Bridge.

Land use
  • Rural Grazing
Land use description

Beef cattle are found on both sides of the river, though the southern side is fenced off and the northern side is not. As a result the southern bank has a much greater cover of riparian vegetation.

Status Inactive
Observation history 29-11-2010 - 14-04-2012



C Estuary is closed to the sea. O Estuary is open to the sea. P Perched
Turbidity tubes do not measure below 9 NTU; Chart values of 9 should be interpreted as < 9 NTU
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No observations were recorded in the specified time period

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