Site details


Estuary Barwon River Estuary
CMA Corangamite CMA
Type Physico-Chemical
Site code B9
Site name Fitzgeralds Road Boat Ramp
Nearest road and town Fitzgeralds Road, Leopold

The monitoring site is located at an unstructured boat ramp which is adjacent to a 5 Knot sign. As water levels in Reedy Lake alter, monitors will need to adjust where they stand on the boat ramp to monitor the water safely.

This site is only monitored by EstuaryWatch volunteers when accompanied by an EstuaryWatch Coordinator. It is a physical/chemical monitoring site, but photopoint monitoring will also be undertaken in an effort to track vegetation change aligned with changes in the water regime.

Site access

Access the Fitzgeralds Road Boat Ramp Monitoring Site is only via four wheel drive through a locked gate. Therefore the site must only be accessed by EstuaryWatch volunteers when accompanied by an EstuaryWatch Coordinator. Access to the site is through a locked gate loacted off Fitzgeralds Road in Leopold. Once through the gate drive towards the windmill and then past it onto the boat ramp.

Land use
  • Native Bushland
  • Rural Grazing
Land use description

The Reedy Lake complex is an amazing aspect of the Barwon Estuary system located right in the heart of Geelong. In 1983 the Reserve was declared by the Victorian Government as a “wetland of international significance” under the Ramsar convention. The reserve provides significant habitat for a number of endangered migratory bird species. Surrounding the State Game Reserve is land used for residential and rural use.

Status Active
Observation history 06-02-2017 - 25-05-2018



C Estuary is closed to the sea. O Estuary is open to the sea. P Perched
Turbidity tubes do not measure below 9 NTU; Chart values of 9 should be interpreted as < 9 NTU
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