Estuary name Wye River Estuary
CMA Corangamite CMA

The estuary is home to the vulnerable Tasmanian Mudfish which bury themsleves beneath logs or stones during dry summers. The estuary is approximately 1km in length

Estuary Values
  • a significant fish species found on the Wye River estuary is the Australian Grayling.
  • Estuarine Wetland Ecological Vegetation Class (Endangered)
  • Riparian Forest Ecological Vegetation Class (Least Concern)
  • Wet Forest Ecological Vegetation Class (Least Concern)
  • Cool Temperate Rainforest Ecological Vegetation Class (Endangered)
  • a significant bird species found on the Wye River is the Azure Kingfisher (Alcedo azurea)
  • swimming
  • picnics and barbecues
  • sightseeing
  • tourism
Estuary Threats
  • bank instability
  • degraded estuarine vegetation
  • disturbance of acid sulphate soils
Data Site observations
Status Active
Monitor group Wye River EstuaryWatchers



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Wy1 GOR pedestrian bridge

Inactive Physico-Chemical 06-07-2014 - 29-03-2019

Pedestrian bridge upstreamof the GOR bridge in Wye River. Measurements are taken from the fish ruler.

Observations 9

WY2 Wye River Upper Phys.Chem

Active Physico-Chemical 23-11-2018 - 29-03-2019
Observations 6

WyMC Wye River Mouth Condition

Active Mouth Condition 20-01-2007 - 19-01-2020
A small steep catchment, the Wye River passes through the township of Wye River and flows under the Great Ocean Road.
Observations 177

Wyp1 Wye River Photopoint 1

Active Photopoint 02-12-2012 - 19-01-2020
Photos are taken from the footpatth on the ocean side of the Great Ocean Bridge between the second and third post counting from the eastern end of the bridge.
Photos 385

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Estuary Snapshots

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Autumn 2019

Summer 2019

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Mouth Condition Snapshots

19-01-2020 #13520

Photopoint Wyp1-1

05-01-2020 #13483

Photopoint Wyp1-2

15-12-2019 #13454

Photopoint Wyp1-1

17-11-2019 #13418

Photopoint Wyp1-1

04-11-2019 #13393

20-10-2019 #13369

Photopoint Wyp1-1
Photopoint -

06-10-2019 #13353

Photopoint Wyp1-1

15-09-2019 #13322

Photopoint Wyp1-1
Photopoint -

01-09-2019 #13303

Photopoint Wyp1-1

18-08-2019 #13252

04-08-2019 #13240

Photopoint Wyp1-2

21-07-2019 #13212

Photopoint Wyp1-1

07-07-2019 #13188

Photopoint Wyp1-1

16-06-2019 #13127

Photopoint Wyp1-2

02-06-2019 #13112

Photopoint Wyp1-1

19-05-2019 #13087

05-05-2019 #12902

Photopoint Wyp1-1

21-04-2019 #12867

Photopoint Wyp1-1

31-03-2019 #12799

Photopoint Wyp1-1

17-03-2019 #12771

Photopoint Wyp1-1

03-03-2019 #12754

Photopoint Wyp1-1

17-02-2019 #12703

03-02-2019 #12695

Photopoint Wyp1-1
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